Yellow Perch

(Crankbait & Jerkbait)

Yellow Perch (Crankbait & Jerkbait)

The LIVETARGET Yellow Perch is a deadly tool for targeting most freshwater gamefish. All models are built with a strategic internal weight transfer system which also acts as an attractive low frequency rattle. Seasoned anglers will value the added casting distance and trigger provoking action, sound and vibration. The shallow model is a speed versatile lure, while the deeper model is geared for a slower retrieve. If you’re looking for a Perch bait that will entice even the wariest trophy...look no further.

Yellow Perch (Crankbait & Jerkbait)

Shallow Dive

Medium Dive

Deep Dive

Yellow Perch (Crankbait & Jerkbait)

Yellow Perch (Crankbait & Jerkbait)

An effective strategy is to softly deflect the target off objects such as rocks, stumps or grass tips.

For more Tips and Techniques look inside every package of LIVETARGET lures.

Yellow Perch (Crankbait & Jerkbait)

The ‘young of the year’ Yellow Perch inhabits a broad range of aquatic environments from reservoirs to lakes and rivers.

This schooling target is preyed upon by:

  • Bass
  • Walleye
  • Northern Pike
  • Muskie